CX Olympics Event Four: Content

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Engaging content is becoming increasingly more important for ecommerce businesses these days. What was once a sea of static product shots is now turning into an expanse of blogs, videos, buying guides, and made-for-social spots. If your business doesn’t belong to the 77% of B2C companies using content marketing as a method of driving sales, then you’re already falling behind.

Curating content is a means to drawing in customers, by offering them news, stories, and entertainment that is relevant not only to your product and brand but to the customers interests as well. Offering engaging content is far more creative than serving the dreaded banner ad, and if you are smart about your strategy it can drive more leads than standard advertising would any day.

Offering good content and an editorial point of view from the brand itself has become a part of the customer experience that shoppers now expect. Savvy customers are looking for a comprehensive amount of content to make their purchase decisions. Net-a-Porter, a brand who has recognized this, has even created their own magazine to engage with their customers on a new channel. The development of new content channels is evidence of the growing knowledge that if visitors expectations aren’t met, there’s a strong likelihood they’ll search elsewhere.

Jon Drennan, VP at Olapic is an expert on the expanding importance of content in ecommerce, and he’s offered his insight on the matter as well as expertise to judge this CX Olympic event.




AFAR has an awesome online experience for a magazine.  The content is equal parts inspiring and informative, and made me want to plan a trip (and try out their app).



The 90-day price graph on Hipmuck is awesome. I haven't seen this type of visibility in terms of fare trending on any other travel site.


I love how content and product are organized by style, room or brand - giving users different choices on how to shop.


Asos has an excellent mix of informative, influencer, customer and social content.



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