CX Olympics Event Two: Recommendations

Great personalized product recommendations are the beginning of a great customer experience. More than just potential order increases, relevant product offerings are a way of connecting with your users on a personal level and validating that you understand them as individuals. It’s a stepping stone to more progressive forms of personalization, and an important part of the customer journey that encourages product discovery and engagement. With this more personal and relevant experience, businesses are more likely to get returning customers who are willing and happy to spend more--simply because the brand gets them.

Jonathan Coffman, Optimization Director at digital optimization agency, Clearhead, understands the importance behind personalized product recommendations, and he’s bringing that understanding to the judge’s table for this CX Olympic event. Here’s his take on why recommendations are such an important part of the customer journey, as well as his top picks for brands that are killing it in this category.



Etsy continues to innovate and improve their discovery and personalization experience for logged-in users. They carefully balance the brand story with providing relevant recommendations for new categories as well as ones that you’ve previously shown interest in.



Relevant accessories, matching sets of products, and merchandising of related styles all come together into product and category pages that aim to make deciding on a product to purchase easier on consumers. The mix of algorithmic recommendations alongside human curated selections builds trust and reduces confusion.



Home Depot has made tremendous strides and improvements in their omni-channel strategy over the last couple of years. Their use of in-store purchase data when combined with email marketing (and reviews online) provides their customers with opportunities to continue to engage (and buy) with the brand. Additionally, the editorial content for DIYers provides a lot of value and a great hook for users to explore available products both in-store and online.



Gilt has an understated, but very relevant and useful “shop the look” recommendation, as well as other product recommendations available for users to explore. Their emails are also very much effective in their relevant storytelling.