Qubit CX Olympics: Opening Ceremony

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Welcome to the inaugural Qubit CX Olympics, a customer experience competition that will rival the summer games in Rio. We’ve partnered with some of the most trusted voices in customer experience to bring you a friendly face-off between the leading ecommerce brands in five events that make up the fundamental elements of the customer journey: returns, content, recommendations, loyalty and personalization. The tournament will determine who is delivering the ultimate customer experience, how they’re doing it, and how you can do it too—and maybe do it even better.

A great customer experience comprises many elements, from personalized messaging to relevant recommendations, a seamless experience online and in-store, and much more. Businesses today are consistently creating experiences for customers that instill higher and higher expectations across all of the apps they choose to use, the sites they visit, and the places they go.

With the emergence of new technology and new ideas, there is a rise in expectations and a little voice in all of our heads saying that someone, somewhere can do that nagging chore for us, faster and cheaper. As the expectation economy continues to grow, so does the evolution of the customer experience. It’s a race to keep up with the Joneses, and if you fall behind then someone else is going to scoop up your customers.

At Qubit, we are always thinking up new ways to help our clients transform their customer journey and create the ultimate experience that will delight their customers. Part of that means recognizing great experiences when we see them, and then thinking about how we can make them even better.

Over the course of the next two weeks, we'll showcase the top four brands in each of the main events. Industry experts such as veteran ecommerce leader Erik Lautier, SVP of Direct to Consumer & Marketing at francesca’s, will share their thoughts on how brands are creating impressive experiences for their customers that keep them coming back again and again. Qubit will also be sharing ideas for how you can build off of these leading brands’ momentum and transform your customer journey in a way that will impress even the most demanding users.

Check out the personalization competition kicking off on Monday, August 8 and find out why Disney, L’Oréal, Instacart, and Expedia are Qubit’s and Blue Acorn CMO, Chris Guerra’s top choices when it comes to the ideal personalization strategy.

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