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Position: Product Marketing Manager Andrew Zahornacky is a Product Marketing Manager at Qubit. In his spare time he enjoys running fast and listening to Destiny's Child. Key facts Started at Qubit: March 2014 Loves: Good music Hates: PBR

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Qubit breakfast series: NY fashion preps for the holidays in June

Case studies

The next stop on Qubit’s breakfast series was our very own New York City. On a warm sunny day, fashion entrepreneurs, business executives and journalists gathered atop the beautiful NoMad Hotel rooftop to learn about how the fashion world leverages data and analytics to prepare for the holidays.

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On the road with continuous optimization: San Francisco



Last week, Qubit’s breakfast series came to San Francisco. Attendees arrived bright and early at the Hotel Zetta in the city’s bustling SoMa district. Over a hearty breakfast, Qubit’s Simon Dean warmed up the crowd with an insightful update on Qubit and Forrester’s joint work on continuously optimized ecommerce--also known as continuous optimization. With a seasoned blend of engaging metaphors and real-world examples, Simon explained how a strategic group of people, processes and technologies can help deliver optimal customer experiences in real time.

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Retailers - accountants today, psychologists tomorrow


According to Gartner 89% of companies expect to compete on the basis of customer experience by 2016. Let’s think about what that means by talking about what it doesn’t. Price competition. That isn’t to say prices aren’t expected to be fair--it means that price is no longer the deciding factor when we choose where to make a purchase. In fact, a survey done by American Express found that 7 in 10 Americans would spend more with companies who they believed provided an excellent customer service.

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How to face eCommerce giants

Web Personalization

To close out the month of October we gathered on Manhattan’s West Side at the modern, sleek, and fun Yotel for another installment of our Bright Sparks events. Our morning was filled with a delicious eggs benedict bar, networking, and insightful conversation.

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A lesson from ad tech


Media mix optimization has become increasingly complex as advertisers plug into a growing selection of ad exchanges and harness the technologies created to take advantage of the new inventory. DMPs (data management platforms) in particular have been a blessing for advertisers aiming to drive as much qualified traffic as possible at the lowest possible price. The algorithmic spend optimization inherent in DMPs ensures that marketers need only plug into yet another ad network or managed service and let their DMP guide their DSP (Demand Side Platform) to optimal spend allocation based on predefined CPA goals and audience targets. 

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4 ways brands offend millennials


To make an impression you need to know your audience, and when that audience is set to spend $2.45 trillion in 2015 it sure is worth doing your homework!

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