Chelsea St. Ives

Chelsea is a Product Marketing Manager based in San Francisco. Originally from Los Angeles, she moved to San Francisco four years ago to take a break from the sunshine and bask in the fog...and hasn't had a tan since. Started at Qubit: February 2016. Loves: Food, Wine & Traveling. Hates: Her alarm clock!

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Interview: Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst at Bronto Software

Abandonment is no stranger to online retailers, and one of the most common ways to approach it is through automated recovery emails. If done thoughtfully, post-abandonment messaging can help you re-engage customers after they leave your site. For instance, understanding your abandoners and tailoring your message to ensure relevancy to the visitors you are targeting is a key component of abandonment recovery emails – and it doesn’t stop there. Greg Zakowicz, Senior Commerce Marketing Analyst at Bronto Software, answered some frequently asked questions and shared his best practices for abandonment recovery with Qubit.

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Tapping into the abandoner mentality

Site abandonment is a common occurrence across the digital landscape, be it retail, travel or even finance. Many brands view their abandoners as lost causes, not knowing why they left or if it’s even worth it to try and get them back. In truth, abandonment can be a great opportunity to reach your users in new ways, you just need to understand how to approach them effectively.

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Why publishers need to focus on personalized content


While personalization is taking the rest of the world by storm, digital media publishers seem to be late to the party.

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