Claire Sinden

Position: Product Marketing Manager Claire Sinden is Product Marketing Manager at Qubit. In her role she is responsible for Qubit's online strategy, including the website, branding, and rich media content such as video case studies: showcasing the great work Qubit's customers and Services team do. She also has a box of failed hobbies in the corner of her room including a ukulele, a pair of roller skates, and most recently, a cross-stitch kit. Key facts Started at Qubit: March 2013 Loves: Starbucks Hates: Vegetables

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Some new editions in our tag library

Tag Management

As part of our ever-growing tag library which ensures that Opentag is kept up-to-date, easy and fast for users, we’ve now added four new third-party tags to our Opentag library. And here they are:

Silverpop provides software to marketing teams, enabling them to more effectively and efficiently understand and motivate their target audience through a variety of digital marketing channels.

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Qubit vs. Coffee speed test

Qubit news

In our book, driving conversions should be as easy as Discover, Deliver, Done. Following on from our recent hotdog challenge, we've thought up another ingenious (or should that be delicious?) race to test our platform against. Who will win? Qubit, or our local barista at Soho's Speakeasy cafe?

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Opentag uses the most powerful CDN in the world

Tag Management

Performance and reliability are important traits for any good business. For us, that means using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that allows our clients to quickly and reliably serve tags on their websites. For that reason we use Amazon CloudFront CDN to power Opentag. 

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