Dan Croxen-John

Dan Croxen-John is CEO of AWA digital, a leading international website optimization agency which helps make buying easy. Originally offering just analytics services, it soon became apparent that clients wanted more, as data alone can pinpoint the problems but it doesn't give the solutions. Now AWA provides a full range of conversion rate optimization services including research, analysis, prioritization, creative work and split testing to increase online sales and revenue. Dan loves: James Bond films. Hates: humid climates.

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Guest blog: Why strategic conversion rate optimization is key to marketing ROI

Guest Blog

Investing time and money into your marketing strategy is counterintuitive if your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) program is tripping up your efforts. Allocating a substantial budget to a strategic social media strategy, an emotive TV ad or an engaging email marketing program is a pertinent investment – but only if your CRO program is just as strategic. If a visitor lands on your site only to become frustrated when they attempt to make a purchase, all of your marketing efforts will have been for nought. It’s crucial, then, to make sure that your CRO program is just as effective as the rest of your marketing endeavours.

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Guest blog: How to make sure your new ecommerce website is a commercially sound investment

Thought Leadership

Sure, it’s exciting to launch a new website. And it promises a number of benefits – better customer experience, a website you’re proud to show off, higher conversion rates and more sales, to name just a few. But what few people think about when planning a new ecommerce website is that often, the same benefits could be achieved for a lot less money, time and energy, simply by giving your existing site some TLC.

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