George Barker

George is in the Communications team for Qubit. Prior to joining, George founded multiple businesses focused on accessing and interviewing business leaders across industries. From entrepreneurs to CEOs, politicians to pub landlords, the list is now close to 1,000. Responsible for elevating our client story's and ensuring they are seen as true innovators. Loves: Desert Island Discs. Hates: Spam (both kinds)

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Panel Discussion - IDC + Qubit - Machine Learning will Revolutionize Market Segmentation Practices


As part of Qubit's continued deep-dive into how machine learning, and artificial intelligence, can change the way that marketers engage with and communcate with their customers, we hosted a panel discussion with Gerry Brown, Ana Sanandres and Bud Goswami. 

Watch the video, or read the transcript of the discussion below. 

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Crocus planting programmatic experiences throughout customer journey to seed 2017 growth


We caught up with Mayank, head of ecommerce at, the online retailer providing over 4,000 plant and gardening products to customers in the UK. Mayank’s role is to implement the business strategy from an ecommerce point of view, making the digital experience work for the customer. The entire customer journey and ecommerce experience is Mayank’s responsibility.   

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Interview: Seb Villien, Head of Ecommerce at Joe Browns


Seb Villien has been Head of Ecommerce for the distinctive fashion retailer Joe Browns for over two and a half years. From a digital point of view, Seb and his team have developed an ecommerce strategy where they’re now building on further growth in the UK market, as well as tackling an international market. The ability to personalize experiences for all customer segments is key to the entire strategy of the business. We caught up with Seb to find out more....

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