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Position: Head of Marketing, UK Geri Tuneva is Head of Marketing at Qubit. Third culture kid, tech lover, explorer, smoothie enthusiast, list maker, ex-figure skater. Key facts Started at Qubit: August 2012 Loves: Breakfast Hates: Having to wait

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The 3 metrics every marketing manager should be tracking


Marketers have a tough time. We’re always expected to prove the value of our work, campaigns and product launches and show that we’ve contributed to ROI. The most common statistic of measuring our success has typically been the conversion rate.

This is great for large retailers like Amazon and Asos, as their website traffic and conversions are in the tens of thousands per day. However, for other retailers who don’t get the same level of traffic to their website, proving the success of a campaign through conversion rates can often be difficult.

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3 more TED talks that every marketer should watch

Thought Leadership

Earlier this month, I blogged about the 3 TED talks every marketer should watch. We covered Sheena Iyengar and how when Head and Shoulders cut their shampoo range from 26 to 15, they saw a 10% increase in sales. Then we heard from marketing guru, Seth Godin, on understanding the importance of being remarkable. And then there was Renny Gleeson and his amazing 404 pages. But with hundreds of TED talks in the archive, I've gone and found more!

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3 TED Talks Every Marketer Should Watch

Thought Leadership

As marketers we need to be able to find inspiration anywhere and apply it in our own work, but we sure could use a little help sometimes, right? I scoured TED’s archive and found the very best TED talks that will provide a little bit of imagination to your daily routine. I hope these will help you change the way you think about your product, your brand, your customer, and even yourself. Each talk is under 20 minutes, so feel free to bookmark and kickstart your day with a cup of coffee and a TED Talk.

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Introducing the ultimate tool for the 21st century marketer

Web Personalization

Version 2 of Qubit’s platform is here

Now, you can discover how people behave on your site and deliver personalized content to improve their experience in real time, with one continuous workflow. We’ve made a short film to show you how it all works:

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Qubit raises $7.5M Series A investment led by Balderton Capital

Qubit news

Led by Balderton Capital, the EU’s leading venture investor, we are excited to announce that Qubit have closed a $7.5M Series A funding. Bernard Liautaud, General Partner at Balderton Capital and previously founder of Business Objects, will also be joining Qubit’s board.

With a 300% growth in revenue and over 1,000 customers added to our SaaS platform, Qubit has seen rapid growth during 2012. The funding will be used to bring our new SaaS platform to the market and further develop OpenTag, our hugely successful SaaS tag management product. We will also use the funding to help build Qubit’s presence in the US and mainland Europe.

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