Ian McCaig

Position: Co-Founder and CMO Ian is CMO and one of the Founders at Qubit. What he doesn't know about Ecommerce and Digital Marketing isn't worth knowing but still finds time pursue his sporting and music passions. Key facts Started at Qubit: January 2010 Loves: Beaches Hates: Negativity (aka Mood Hoovers)

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Christmas comes early for Journelle’s holiday campaign


It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and for retailers, that means it’s the busiest. More conversions and bigger orders are at the top of everyone’s list, but success isn’t as easy as waiting for your customers to show up. Without the right strategy and execution, you might be disappointed with your results when the parties are over and it’s time for the decorations to come down.

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Traffic acquisition is not enough

Web Personalization

10 years ago I started at Google and, with it, my first real understanding of how the ‘Google machine’ made money through Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising. The model was simple; an advertiser would bid on a keyword that related to the products or services they were selling and when that advert was clicked, Google earned money based on a competitive auction model. At that time, nearly a decade ago, the cost to acquire visitors to a website were relatively low as the competition levels were a fraction of what they are today. Back then, it was really a matter of build a website and shoppers will come. And they did, in their hundreds and thousands. So who cared if just a small percentage of my traffic converts? Online marketers were getting a great ROI.

Fast forward 5 years and it was a very different story.

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How finance websites can bridge the customer expectation gap with a personal touch

Thought Leadership

We now live in a Google, Facebook and Apple generation where consumers expect great experiences that are intuitive, social and instant. This change in expectation has put increasing pressures on businesses to delight customers. In these increasingly competitive times the importance of both acquiring and retaining new customers has never been so high.

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Qubit leads W3C effort to pioneer a new open standard for data

Thought Leadership

People rarely get really excited over something like data management, and we can understand why. But we think we have some news which is slightly different. Qubit, along with over 50 of the leading web technology companies, including IBM, Google, Adobe and Accenture have come together to build and develop a W3C-approved standard of data management.

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