Jack Carvel

Jack is General Counsel at Qubit. After studying Arabic at university, Jack transitioned to Law and began working for Hogan Lovells. Instead of staying on the corporate conveyor belt, he joined Qubit in 2015 where he now spends his days bouncing between calls on technical minutiae with engineers and commercial contracts with the sales teams. Based out of San Francisco, if he's not in the office he's likely in the gym or hiking the coastline. Key facts: Started at Qubit: August 2015 Loves: Coffee, crossfit, dancing baby GIFs.

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Web Personalization

Since its publication in May 2016, privacy professionals, law firms, technology companies, marketers, and others have flooded the Internet with broad, sweeping summaries of what the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will mean for companies, and how scared we should all be about the new fines for non-compliance.

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