Leah Yorston

Leah Yorston is a conversion optimization consultant for Blue Acorn, where she serves as a strategic resource for a host of ecommerce clients. When she’s not collaborating with her team to craft creative and data-driven ecommerce strategies, you can usually find her playing in the garden or mixing up margaritas. Interested in learning more? Visit Blue Acorn online or call us at (843) 793-5656.

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Guest blog: 10 questions to ask when optimizing for a longer buying journey

Thought Leadership

Delivering relevant digital experiences to different customer segments is critical when you’re selling products and services with long purchase considerations. As customers engage with your brand across multiple days, weeks or months, the customer experience should meet their needs and be tailored to the correct stage of their buying journey. To do this effectively, it’s important to evaluate who your main customer segments are, what the path to purchase typically looks like, and make sure that you get the experience right—not only on the first site visit, but on each successive visit as a customer moves through the funnel from problem recognition to purchase decision.

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