Leigh Rimmer

Leigh is a Copywriter in our UK Marketing team. A historian at heart she loves to visit the ancient cities of the world and would be your (very) willing museum guide from London to Cairo. Started at Qubit: May 2016, Loves: Paella and Greys Anatomy, Hates: Loud eaters

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Where Pokémon Go is falling short and how eGaming can learn from it


I spent my Saturday morning in Hyde Park, hunting for a Squirtle, using Pokémon Go’s “Nearby” tool to track it by wandering near water, and praying. After an hour, I struck gold, and had Squirtle cornered. I hurled my Pokeball and waited. And waited. And waited. Until it was clear, for the tenth time that day that the app had crashed.

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"Merging online and offline without the Big Brother effect": Interview with Carlos Doughty, Euromoney Marketing Director

Customer experience

With over 10 years of experience in the Financial Services sector Euromoney’s Marketing Director, Carlos Doughty, is one of the best people in the business to talk to about omnichannel optimization.

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How ticket companies can merchandise their perishable inventory

Customer experience

Tickets have a sell-by-date, and lose all value once this date has passed. It is a huge burden for ticketing outlets. Empty seats mean lost revenue. According to industry research, up to 40% of concert tickets can go unsold every year (Live Nation, September 2014).

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Battling the blockbuster effect: Why cinemas should prioritize loyalty


Cinemas are no longer just competing against other younger, sexier models that serve pizza and cocktails whilst you watch X-Men, they are also competing against disruptive streaming giants. With the total number of viewers subscribing to Netflix rising to 81 million this year, it is clear that cinemas need to take action or face falling to the wayside (DMR, June 2016). The appeals of services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are evident. They are easy, cheap and convenient: precisely what the customer ordered.

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The age of news in 10 seconds or less


Whether the limit is the number of characters in a Tweet or length of recording of a video on Vine or Facebook, the common denominator for publishers today is that people are seeking out news stories that swallow up "less" of their time. 

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