Marj Koppelaar

Marj is a Partnerships Manager at Qubit. She's Dutch so she gets straight to the point. Previously, she helped a UK tech start-up conquer the Benelux, and now has joined Qubit to grow it's partner network across the UK. Started at Qubit: January 2015 Loves: Chocolate Hates: Waiting Favorite cheese: Old Amsterdam

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User Conversion - “The next level of optimization”


Qubit choose to partner with other businesses that are specialized in enabling customers with great technology. User Conversion is a great example of a Qubit Partner utilizing our platform to deliver great customer experiences. Their team have been working with several Qubit clients and are really making a difference.

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Digital agencies: Are you ready to become a CX agency?

Thought Leadership

A few weeks ago, my phone contract came to an end and, like most people, I wanted a shiny new one. I went to the store in my lunch break, picked a plan and phone, and left the store satisfied. I immediately recommended the brand to a colleague the same day.

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Three questions to ask when choosing a new ecommerce platform

Web Personalization

We make thousands of choices every day, from what to wear and what to have for breakfast, to more difficult decisions like how to impress the boss and how to meet impossible deadlines.

Choosing a new ecommerce platform is not an everyday decision, which means that if you do decide to make a change, you want to choose the right replacement, so you don’t have to worry about it for the next few years.

Before you start speaking to different ecommerce platform vendors, it’s good to first ask yourself and your team the following questions:

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The benefits of a digital ecosystem for e-commerce players


In this blog I will explain what a digital ecosystem is, how it works and why it is beneficial for e-commerce players.

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