Richard Giannetti

Richard is a Global Product Marketing Manager based in London. Raised in Spain, Italy and France he ended up loving the British sunshine and unique cuisine. Tennis player, backpacker and music enthusiast. Loves: his hot milk with cereal for breakfast. Hates: heavy metal music and Ikeas.

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Why the rise of DX Microsuite offers a nimble alternative to other platform vendors

Customer experience

Single vendors are not the silver bullet to poor customer experience that organizations are looking for. Instead in a world where problematic legacy infrastructures remain an enduring issue, best-in-class solutions that support single business functions or act as a core platform component make more sense than ever before.

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Placing the customer at the center of your universe

Thought Leadership

The digital marketing landscape has become saturated. From less than 100 brands in 2011, the number has now ballooned to 3500 in 2016, with hundreds of new players claiming to revolutionize the digital marketing world, and boost your conversion rates by two or even three digit figures, with tantalizingly small implementation times and costs.

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