Simon Dean

Simon heads up Customer Experience at Qubit, putting strategic thinking to work across sales, marketing, client and product teams. Simon joined Qubit London in early 2012 and moved to help set up Qubit New York in 2013. Before Qubit, he had experience consulting with brands such as Orange, HTC and Natwest, as well as start ups within the wine industry. Loves: Deep House Hates: Football Favorite Cheese: Parmesan

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Big Idea countdown #1: TeeTurtle


Social proof is very much in the limelight at Qubit at the moment. Whether used in travel, ticket bookings or fashion, on average it delivers a 2.4% uplift in conversions (and has never once delivered a downlift).

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Big Idea countdown #2: Sportscraft


At Qubit we’re in a neat position where we deliver on web personalization, as well as playing towards the bigger world of Digital Experience Management. Sportscraft’s big idea is a great example of blending these worlds, from front of house UX to behind the scenes supply chain.

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Big Idea countdown #3: Calypso St. Barth


Now we’ve explained what Big Ideas are in a Qubit sense, it’s time to crack on with some of our favourites from 2015.

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What are big ideas when Qubit talks about them?

Customer experience

Big ideas used to be the sole turf of the Ad Agency, where wondrous billboard ideas would emerge from smoke-filled rooms, presented by the likes of Don Draper. And they still do, just without the smoke. But what has changed is the impact that a campaign can have on business.

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"My wish for 2017: Pervasive Personalization": Interview with Erik Lautier


I can always rely on Erik for a killer soundbyte. Our paths first crossed in 2014 while filming a Qubit case study at multichannel fast fashion retailer bebe. Erik, CDO at the time, stated:

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Qubit recognized as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Digital Personalization Engines

Thought Leadership

At Qubit, website personalization has been our focus for the last three years, yet to many, it’s still very much the new ‘technology’ on the block. For this reason, we feel personalization vendors haven’t received much dedicated attention in Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Waves.

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Forrester Research says Qubit has best-of-breed offerings in web analytics, testing and optimization

Qubit news

  • Forrester positions Qubit as ‘enterprise marketing centric’ technology that can supplement core WCM and ecommerce platforms
  • Enterprise marketing vendors run “the gamut on size and breadth of offerings,” and put “tools in the hands of marketers to create and drive experiences to engage customers and prospects”
  • Qubit was cited as having proprietary, best-of-breed web/mobile analytics and testing/optimization, with embedded platform capabilities in recommendation
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Delivering effective web personalization: will spending $10M on re-platforming yield the biggest bang for buck?

Web Personalization

Many businesses view re-platforming as a necessary evil in order to keep up with consumers’ demanding shopping habits. And it ain’t cheap. Selfridges recently spent $40m on a new ecommerce platform designed to be future proofed for omnichannel personalization.

Up until recently the event of purchasing a platform was cyclical in nature - every three years a business would embark on a new vendor selection process, then set about lengthy integration and training programmes to get the new system operational and optimized.

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