Simon Jaffery

I joined Qubit as its first external hire during the company’s research and development phase. I was initially responsible for product innovation and developing analysis techniques that lead the way in conversion optimisation. After working on each of our core products across the platform, I am now responsible for leading product strategy across our entire product suite as Group Product Manager.

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Product discovery: How we measure impact on mobile sites

Web Personalization

One of today’s most commonly-faced challenges in ecommerce is the mobile paradox. Businesses are experiencing increases in mobile traffic, but flat revenue on the same device. As the proportion of mobile traffic to retail sites increases, retailers are loosing money - fast. We identified product discovery as a solution to help solve this problem. In October last year, we launched Aura, a solution for product discovery on mobile.

The last few months have been focused on understanding how we should measure and report on discovery. This blog post outlines some of the challenges in approaching the answer.

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Before customers "find", they have to discover

Customer experience

Start inspiring on mobile now

Whether you are on a rooftop bar or commuting to work, if you are in-between meetings or just waking up in the morning, if you are out for a walk or enjoying time with some friends - there is one constant that now defines consumer behaviour. The interaction with our smartphone.

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A supernatural discovery process: building our new product for mobile

Web Personalization

2016 was supposed to be the year of conversational commerce. Chatbots were heralded as the new interaction model through which interactions between consumers and brands would be transformed.

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