Vanessa Beeswanger

Vanessa is a Marketer from Canada. She misses camping and poutine, but not -50 temperatures. Ex-Microsoft, MBA, and Philosophy Major. From big corporate to startup, she's worn many marketing hats, with a recent focus on B2B and tech. Loves to chat and connect people and big ideas. Can't live without Vitamix, N64, Paprika App, Flipboard. Key facts Started at Qubit: Jan 2015 Loves: online shopping Hates: losing things Fave cheese: Oka (smooth, distinct, and a little bit nutty)

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"Personalization is the ultimate challenge." Interview with Tom Baker, Boylesports

Web Personalization

This week I caught up with Tom Baker, Head of Acquisition & Conversion Optimization at BoyleSports to chat about all things optimization, customer experience, and digital marketing. Tom shared with me his experiences as a marketer in the eGaming industry.

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Highlights from the financial services digital insights roundtable

Web Personalization

Over two thirds of the UK adult population are active online banking users, and 30% are using mobile. So why is the Financial Services industry still in last place when it comes to delivering on customer experience expectations? The requirement for a new business model that reflects the modern consumers’ lifestyle has never been more evident.

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How travel websites can differentiate themselves through personalization


Today, travel companies are able to gather more customer data than ever before – including search and session history, previous purchases, and behavioral patterns. This data can be used to define buyer personas, and map content to users’ interests to ‘get personal’ on the web.

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Why 75% of consumers aren’t completing their purchase


The sales period from Black Friday to Boxing Day wasn’t just a story of success. While consumers showed a high interest in the deals on offer throughout the sale period, only one in four who started the purchase process actually completed it. Needless to say, there is massive opportunity for retailers to get it right this sale season.

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