Will Browne

Will Browne is a Product Manager at Qubit. After plying his trade in the data science team for a number of years he has been moved to a role where he can do less damage to the platform. Will joined Qubit in 2011 and has a BA in Physiological sciences from Oxford University and an Msc in Statistics from UCL. Will likes to play rugby but dislikes the too frequent associated affliction of concussion!

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Uncovering the value in every opportunity

Product updates

“Data-mining”, “drilling down”, “insight extraction.” You might think this sounds like an awful lot like hard work and in reality, it is! Getting insights from a customer data set requires a technically skilled analyst ...with a lot of patience…. and a lot of time. The similarities to the lone miner searching for black gold are striking (geddit). The tools may be different (excel rather than a pick axe) but the realities are the same. It is an inefficient way of finding opportunities.

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