“Controlling our own technology is fundamental to delivering our differentiated product,” Brian Mahon, Head of Product at BetBright

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Where Pokémon Go is falling short and how eGaming can learn from it


I spent my Saturday morning in Hyde Park, hunting for a Squirtle, using Pokémon Go’s “Nearby” tool to track it by wandering near water, and praying. After an hour, I struck gold, and had Squirtle cornered. I hurled my Pokeball and waited. And waited. And waited. Until it was clear, for the tenth time that day that the app had crashed.

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eGaming Review & Qubit on 2016 Personalization trends.

Thought Leadership

eGR's Thomas Simpson interviews Qubit's eGaming experts on future CX trends. 

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eGaming customer experience will blast off this year

Customer experience

At the height of the Space Race, billions were spent in a race to the finish line, with both sides innovating as fast as possible and gunning for victory.

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Welcome to the expectation economy


Between 2012 and 2013, Twitter’s fastest growing demographic was between ages 54 to 66, growing at 79% (Buffer, 2013). Women make up the highest percentage of gamers (IAB, 2014), while sub-Saharan Africa is now the world’s largest mobile technology market (Gallup, 2014).

These statistics fly in the face of conventional wisdom about consumer behavior.

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"Personalization is the ultimate challenge." Interview with Tom Baker, Boylesports

Web Personalization

This week I caught up with Tom Baker, Head of Acquisition & Conversion Optimization at BoyleSports to chat about all things optimization, customer experience, and digital marketing. Tom shared with me his experiences as a marketer in the eGaming industry.

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