Thought Leadership Financial Services

Meet Chi Igboaka. Head of Performance Marketing. Data Hero.

Travelex on the importance of linking data and understanding the customer journey to optimize ...

Thought Leadership Customer experience eGaming

eGaming Review & Qubit on 2016 Personalization trends.

Future mobile and desktop customer experience and personalisation trends in eGaming and how ...

Retail Thought Leadership

How the loyalty scheme is becoming the VIP program

A retail blog focused on thought leadership in the trend of movement away from points based ...

Thought Leadership Qubit news

TruthAboutData has value for all, not just marketing

Why data literacy is crucial for today's marketer

Thought Leadership

Look ahead to 2016 and take heed to avoid a bruising year: 10 customer ...

If focusing on improving customer experience is on your mind as a key strategic aim in 2016, ...

Thought Leadership Customer experience

How the expectation economy will shape 2016

A blog post on the implications of the Expectation Economy for businesses in 2016, discussing ...

Retail Thought Leadership

Black November: is Black Friday greying out for real this time?

Customer passion for fashion, TV's and all manner of other Christmas gifts hasn’t changed and ...

Retail Web Personalization Thought Leadership

Singles day: The new ecommerce opportunity before Christmas

Forget Black Friday. Forget Cyber Monday. The ecommerce day making headlines in Asia and soon ...

Thought Leadership

How to deliver great customer experience? Easy...decide to.

Customer experience is achieved through continuous optimization

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