Web Personalization Product updates Mobile

Product discovery: How we measure impact on mobile sites

Last year, we launched Qubit Aura, a solution for product discovery on mobile. In this blog, ...

Web Personalization Data privacy

Personal data and personalization—the journey so far

Expanding on our December webinar, Qubit General Counsel Jack Carvel looks at how the GDPR is ...

Retail Web Personalization Case studies Fashion Mobile

The fashion and beauty brands using AI to win on mobile

Find out how brands like DvF and ColourPop are using AI to build a personalized product feed ...

Retail Web Personalization Research Best practice Customer experience

Three tactics for a successful Black Friday

In this blog, we reveal the three personalization tactics that our analysis of 2bn online user ...

Web Personalization Customer experience

What sari shopping teaches us about search efficiency

In this blog, Qubit Lead Data Scientist, Bud Goswami looks through the lens of sari shopping at ...

Web Personalization Product updates Mobile

A supernatural discovery process: building our new product for mobile

In this blog, Qubit Product Director, Simon Jaffery discusses the hypothesis and idea behind ...

Retail Web Personalization Thought Leadership

Preparing for the inevitable: Personalization

The time is now web personalization. Here's how to get started.

Travel Web Personalization Best practice Customer experience

Using data to create greater authenticity in travel

Holly Pound, strategy consultant at Qubit, discusses how travel brands can leverage data to ...

Retail Web Personalization

CX Olympics Event One: Personalization

Read who the winners are the first round of the Qubit CX Olympics event: personalization ...

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