3 more TED talks that every marketer should watch

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Earlier this month, I blogged about the 3 TED talks every marketer should watch. We covered Sheena Iyengar and how when Head and Shoulders cut their shampoo range from 26 to 15, they saw a 10% increase in sales. Then we heard from marketing guru, Seth Godin, on understanding the importance of being remarkable. And then there was Renny Gleeson and his amazing 404 pages. But with hundreds of TED talks in the archive, I've gone and found more!

Here are the 3 more TED Talks to inspire your marketing efforts.

Kevin Allocca: "Why Videos Go Viral"

Over 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and only a microscopic percentage of them goes viral. How does this happen? Today’s audience doesn’t just enjoy content, we participate in it and that enables us to feel ownership of our own pop culture. Allocca is YouTube’s Trends Manager, and in this short seven minute video he talks us through the three secret ingredients that make up a viral video. Now it’s your turn!

Rory Sutherland: Life Lessons from an Ad Man

Sutherland’s hilarious talk tackles the issue of perception, the subjectiveness of value, and contextual communication that fosters interaction between consumers and brands. He explains that persuasion is often better than compulsion, as we react better to positive emotional triggers than negative ones (for more on this, see Andrew Nicholson’s brilliant talk on behavioral heuristics). So you might want to consider adding in stock notifications alerting consumers to the fact that there are only two rooms left in the hotel they’re looking at, or only five pairs left of the jeans they have in their wishlist. Loss aversion is a powerful influence on people’s behavior.

Sebastian Wernicke: "Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics (about TEDTalks)

Wernicke uses the power of statistics and analysis to tell us what it takes to create the best TED talk of all time (as well as the worst one). He talks us through how to select the right topic, words and even lighting to create the perfect mood. It’s under six minutes long, and will definitely inspire you for the next presentation or talk you need to give.

What are your favourite TED Talks? Tweet me at @gergana and let me know!

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