Announcing Qubit Mobile: The industry's first data-centric mobile app personalization

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We are excited to announce Qubit Mobile, the ecommerce industry’s first solution that combines web and mobile interaction data with the Visitor Cloud to transform the way businesses personalize their mobile application experiences.

We have partnered with Apptimize to offer this breakthrough solution to our customers. Apptimize provides the best native mobile testing capability on the market, with more than one billion installations on end user devices and top customers in every major application vertical.


Other solutions for mobile app testing fall short because they don’t have a foundation of data

Many application-testing and development solutions fail to provide users with the tools to support true personalization for mobile apps. Qubit Mobile draws on each app visitor’s “golden record” from the Visitor Cloud and combines that data with real-time web and mobile data to provide a fully customized, analytics-fueled mobile app experience. Whether you’re shopping for shoes in a foreign country or searching for hotel deals in your bedroom, browsing mobile apps will feel as tailored as being in a brick and mortar store, courtesy of Qubit and Apptimize.


In today’s expectation economy, personalization often makes the difference between losing or retaining customers. Research has shown that users are increasingly using mobile apps to make purchases. Qubit Mobile provides ecommerce businesses with a data-based strategy to extend their customer engagement to this crucial digital touchpoint across multiple devices.

We can’t wait to see how our clients utilize Qubit Mobile to shape their customer experiences

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