Big Idea countdown #1: TeeTurtle

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Social proof is very much in the limelight at Qubit at the moment. Whether used in travel, ticket bookings or fashion, on average it delivers a 2.4% uplift in conversions (and has never once delivered a downlift).

These social proof executions can be along the lines of “4 people looking at this item now” or “34 purchased in the last hour”, normally delivered on the product display page. But sometimes it pays to hit the customer earlier in their journey, which is exactly what TeeTurtle did using Qubit.

TeeTurtle wanted to gamify their homepage and create a sense of competition around certain t-shirts. On arrival, the users were shown a battle between two tees, with the ability to influence the outcome. To buy a tee was to play the game, with your purchase swinging the balance between shirts. The battle was repeated every hour.

The ‘proof’ in the social proof was seeing how far the balance swung between those shirts in competition, providing evidence that people were into the latest designs.

Here’s the whole story from Dama:


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