Big Idea countdown #2: Sportscraft

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At Qubit we’re in a neat position where we deliver on web personalization, as well as playing towards the bigger world of Digital Experience Management. Sportscraft’s big idea is a great example of blending these worlds, from front of house UX to behind the scenes supply chain.

On their website, Sportscraft needed to add functionality to the product display page to showcase their new monogramming capabilities - this involved being able to preview what your initials would look before purchasing a bag.

However, adding functionality to page created a new challenge: Their commerce platform was not able to capture the monograms details (e.g. ‘S’, ‘J’, ‘D’ in my case for Simon James Dean) and add them to the checkout process.

Not problem with Qubit! As well as serving the monogramming interface through our platform, Sportscraft were able to collect the initials entered during the purchase and send these along to the manufacturing factory.

Here’s the whole story from Dama.


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