Big Idea countdown #3: Calypso St. Barth

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Now we’ve explained what Big Ideas are in a Qubit sense, it’s time to crack on with some of our favourites from 2015.

First up, Calypso St. Barth. As a boutique retailer with a sweet spot for destination holidays, this was a really strong execution to embrace what the brand is all about: Luxury fashion inspired by travel, culture and the arts.

The idea itself was to help holiday goers select the perfect outfits for their upcoming trip. Not only does this require knowledge of the right looks for that location, but an understanding of what the weather will be doing there at that time.

So that’s what went down. Calypso’s merchandisers put together outfits for a number of popular locations with variations based on the weather. The job of Qubit’s technology was to provide a way for the user to choose a destination, and then show the right merchandise based on the real-time weather at that location.

Bored of reading? Go ahead and watch the film.

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