What are big ideas when Qubit talks about them?

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Big ideas used to be the sole turf of the Ad Agency, where wondrous billboard ideas would emerge from smoke-filled rooms, presented by the likes of Don Draper. And they still do, just without the smoke. But what has changed is the impact that a campaign can have on business.

Bottom line. Even the best campaign in the world won’t work if the actual customer experience is lackluster. And a lot of times, that means your website, your app or any other number of digital touchpoints that preceded a person purchasing one of your products or services.

Deliver your Big Ideas

This is where Qubit steps in, offering our technology to unite these digital experiences around clear business goals. That’s right, a Big Idea powered by Qubit will always be tied to a business challenge or a customer pain and will be completely underpinned by performance metrics.

In this film you can hear from Dama and Annie about exactly what we mean by this. But even better, in the coming weeks we’ll be showcasing some of our favorite Big Ideas from 2015 so you can see true power of Qubit’s platform.

You are the creative team

Probably the coolest thing about Big Ideas built using Qubit’s technology is that they truly are your ideas. Yes, Don is still busy in his office chewing pencils, but you have ideas all the time. Whether it’s for your homepage, a product page or an entire customer service process, this is your invitation to participate.

As part of working with us you’ll be invited to a session where we provide the framework and some inspiration, but you provide the brainpower. Sound cool? Then head over to the “book of big ideas” page, download the book, read the ’toolkit in the back’ and watch out here for some more Big Ideas films.

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