Dear Opentag Vendors, we’ve decided to make your life much, much easier...

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As I’m sure you’re aware, tag management is one of the most important parts of any large business website. It is through this that large sites can control the many third party technologies they need from central location. Here at Qubit we have seen the huge advantage that having an efficient tag management system can bring to a website. This is why we have decided to streamline how you can manage your tags in a pretty big way.

Our tag management system, has its own dedicated library: 500+ pre-canned scripts which are ready and waiting to be deployed. This makes it easy to implement and reduces the chance for human error.

However, we noticed that adding these to the library could be a chore. Especially when you, the vendor, wanted to make changes or add new ones in.

Introducing Opentag Library SDK

Opentag Library SDK, Software Development Kit, is a tool that allows you to submit your tags to the Opentag library, as well as update and maintain them autonomously. Ultimately, this SDK will give you far more control over the tags you implement, increasing efficiency and narrowing the margin for error. There are no other tag providers with open libraries where external parties can send their tags to. This is the first of its kind.

It will also improve the way that you communicate to your clients. When there is a change of tag or an update, users who are already using your tag will be automatically notified and can easily update to the latest version of the tags they are using.  

Opentag Library SDK also means that you can easily write unit tests for your tags, ensuring that they work smoothly. You can then easily release and manage beta versions of your tags to your clients. 

Example of this in action:

  • Molly is a marketing manager and decides to install Vendor V’s conversion tag using Opentag. Vendor V at some point in time decides to make updates to their tags. For example, they change how the tag is implemented, meaning that the JavaScript changes significantly. All the vendor has to do is to send the new version of the tag to the tag library, and mark it as an upgradable version. At that point, Molly will start seeing a notification on their Opentag container stating updates are available and all she has to do is to hit the commit button to upgrade. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

So, all in all, how will this benefit you and your fabulous work?

  • You can now release your tags and users are notified.

  • You can easily release beta version of your tags.

  • Users can easily update your tags.

  • You can easily send updates to your tags.

  • You can write unit tests for your tags and make sure they all work fine.

To find out more about Opentag, check out how Shop Direct Group use our tag management system. 

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