Some last minute festive web personalization ideas

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The Christmas battle for online sales started on Black Friday with, according to Adobe Digital Index, an expected $2.4 billion was spent online. With Cyber Monday and Mad Monday under the rug as well, we still have a few crucial days left to focus on! Online shopping is key. While retailers are busy worrying about their Christmas TV ads, little has been said about web personalization.

For this festive season how can you make your brand stand out on tablet and desktop? Here are some top tips on how to personalize your website.

Ho-ho-ho: lets get into the Christmas spirit

Last year’s blog looked into how using Christmas-specific language and imagery can increase conversion rates. Why not go the extra mile and create a Christmas homepage? Qubit's visitor opinion tool collects customer feedback from millions of customers every year. Last December we found that navigation onsite counted 15% of feedback; this clearly forms an integral part of the user's journey at this time of the year. 


Promotions: ‘tis the season to be jolly

What is the main issue to be aware of? People are afraid to spend too much at once. We all love a good bargain, so retailers gear up to present mind blowing deals! Centre for Retail Research survey said that 58% of consumers say low prices are more important during the festive season but how can you make your web personalization different? Identify which promotions work best for each customer based on their browsing history. If a customer has been several times on the denim category page, why not serve them a message directing them to the denim sale? Target your customers startegically, luring them to purchase items they have already sparked an interest in is key in driving conversions.  


And let’s not forget shipping! 

Anxious shoppers, in a bid to get all the present in time for Christmas, are less likely to abandon at the checkout. The main differentiator during the festive season will be your ability to react to any issues on your part or worries from the customer. Luckily, Qubit’s Deliver application allows you to easily fire layers in real-time, in a quick and easy fashion. Qubit's platform sits on top of your CMS allowing you to add Javascript with promotions or messages of reassurance about delivery services to specific user segments. 

Be the brains behind the digital Father Christmas! It is important that you know how to evaluate user behaviour and build strategies based on data driven results. 


What to ask for this Christmas? New shoes, perhaps? Or a trip to the Maldives? I'd buy Qubit if I were you. 

For more ideas, check out our ebook The Risk of Christmas Past for more festive ideas and analysis. 

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