Digital agencies: Are you ready to become a CX agency?

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A few weeks ago, my phone contract came to an end and, like most people, I wanted a shiny new one. I went to the store in my lunch break, picked a plan and phone, and left the store satisfied. I immediately recommended the brand to a colleague the same day.

There should be a lot of factors in buying a phone today, like price or network, but the key decision-maker for me was the experience I received in store. The staff did their utmost to tell me all the key information up front, make the service as smooth as possible, and get me in-and-out as quickly as possible. The great service absolutely made the difference.

Online that quality of service is becoming even more critical, and more challenging, because there isn’t anyone holding customers’ hands through the purchase cycle. Customers are independent online and organisations need to start thinking beyond price as a differentiator if they want to win them. Customer experience is now the new point of competition: two thirds of companies expect to have a market leading customer experience by 2019 (Gartner, October 2014).

That is a way off yet, and between now and then organisations need to bridge the delivery gap between the customer experience they claim to be providing and the experience customers believe they’re receiving. While 80% of companies claim to provide a superior offering, only 8% of customers agree (ZDNet, June 2014).

That raises the questions of whether digital agencies are equipped to help clients bridge that gap? Many have focused on creating a better experience by improving the user experience of a website. The well of tweaks and improvements you can make to a website will never dry up, but there are more ways to enhance and refine the experience than simply focusing on the user experience.

The starting point for such advances is having in depth customer data. You need rich data to understand customer behavior and needs. If you analyze that data at a granular level, you will find you can do much more to improve the experience of your client’s website. Agencies that are ahead of the curve have realized this, and are starting to use insights from customer data to enhance the customer experience on different levels.

This change in approach is a necessary response to the increasing demands from customers today. They have higher expectations and less patience, so to attract customers and keep them on your website you’ll need to give them the best experience to avoid them going to your competitor. Leading agencies are achieving this by looking at how to replicate the physical experience online.

Sometimes the simplest changes are the most effective. Is a product out of stock? Give customers an option to leave their email address so you can inform them when it’s back in stock. Are they struggling to find what they’re looking for? Create a self-segmentation tool to point your customers in the right direction. And what about treating your VIP customers a little bit differently than your other customers, because you know they are responsible for a big portion of your revenue?

Everyone wants their client to get the best business result and the “way forward” is creating the best customer experience possible (Econsultancy, October 2015). As Clayton Christensen (author of the Innovation Dilemma) says as well: “In this new world, the bottom line of business isn’t profits, but rather customer delight”.

Qubit only works with the best agencies that have realized that this shift from optimization only to full customer experience is necessary to meet the expectations of today’s customers. Interested in becoming a Qubit partner and helping create the best CX for your clients? Have a look at our partner page to find out more.

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