Dump Frank

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Day two of the Adobe Summit and day two of Qubit’s #DumpFrank Guerrilla marketing stunt.


Thousands of marketers flocked to the Salt Palace building to see Golden Globe Award winning actor Michael Keaton deliver a keynote.

To get to the front door though they had to pass our 20 Frankensteins once more.

The summit delegates had come to Salt Lake City specifically to drink the Adobe kool-aid.

But they had spent all of their first day here being charmed by a bunch of big green guys with bolts through their necks who were urging the marketers to end their relationship with Adobe’s marketing cloud.

Hours were spent laughing, larking around and taking photos as our Frankensteins found new and imaginative ways to get people to visit the dumpfrank.com website.

Today therefore had to be bigger and better. As the newly made-up monsters gathered for a 5am breakfast, they talked excitedly about how they were going to maintain the momentum on this second day.

Two hours later they were on the street outside the conference centre holding bunches of premium red roses and balloons emblazoned with the words: “I love you”. It was a good start.


Once again the marketers wanted to play. A good number of them walked into those early keynote sessions holding fresh flowers and balloons, having had a Franken-gagement (sorry).

The day spiralled and raced. The Frankensteins were honked at by taxi drivers, chatted up by cops and, importantly, courted by more than 700 marketers including one Adobe executive who insisted on getting a selfie - even after we’d sheepishly explained the aims of the campaign to him.

Anyway, in case you’d like to see our work for yourself, here’s the obligatory video:

Visit www.dumpfrank.com and sign up to our campaign!

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