eGaming customer experience will blast off this year

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At the height of the Space Race, billions were spent in a race to the finish line, with both sides innovating as fast as possible and gunning for victory.

The eGaming industry is entering a “space race” of its own with operators investing in data and technology to take customer experience to the next level (eGaming Review, 2015).


Operators will need to differentiate themselves through out of this world experiences. Those who don’t risk being left behind by a trend sweeping all industries for constantly improving customer experience. Gene Alvarez, Vice president at Gartner, states that “Customers will not tolerate companies that have amnesia when it comes to remembering them and their preferences for recognition”. Customers believe that by sharing their personal data they are owed a tailored and enhanced experience based on that data. In this sense, eGaming customers are no different to retail or travel, and will no longer put up with a uniform experience (C. Petty, Gartner, 2015).

The next two-to-four years will see the rapid arrival of omnichannel as operators scramble to fuse together their desktop, mobile, and retail businesses. Businesses like Playtech see this as a massive revenue growth opportunity, and continue to pour resource into developing their solution to make it technically possible (The Financial Times, 2015).

Looking forward, achieving a seamless experience across all channels will keep operators in the race, but customers will be increasingly demanding and an experience that flatlines in innovation will fail to keep them. The long-term solution is a true omnichannel approach that evolves in real-time across all channels, personalizing for each customer on an individual basis and intelligently incorporating their preferences into their end-to-end experience.

In the interim, leading operators will move forward by taking a data-driven approach and actively seeking to understand their users to pinpoint areas of customer experience that need urgent attention.

Those looking to take the first step will move beyond blanket acquisition offers that fail to account for the value difference between visitors. Furthermore, they will look to areas of the mobile and desktop experience that can be tailored based on available customer data.

Leaders will understand that winning customer experience represents an ever-moving benchmark of the future and those keen to stay in the race will have their eye on the ball.

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