Enhancing the digital customer experience: The Scott Dunn story

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“I like to think of working with Qubit as a partnership, we share all our goals with them and they know exactly what we're aiming for. We can really trust them to come up with the test ideas to really take us forward and deliver the next level of experience for our website.”
Graham Horner, CMO, Scott Dunn

Scott Dunn are a multi-award winning luxury holiday specialist and began working with Qubit in 2012. Qubit has played an integral part in shaping Scott Dunn’s digital transformation by influencing their customer’s journies to provide more meaningful engagements, resulting in increased conversions and an enhanced multi-channel customer experience.

Initially Scott Dunn experimented with simple A/B testing, yet over the course of these three years working with Qubit, as their data set became richer, they began to adopt a data-driven philosophy at the heart of their operations. Consequently, utilizing Qubit’s data-first approach, they have continued to increase the complexity of their tests and personalizations, rather than just testing in the dark.

Many technology vendors claim they provide personalization solutions, but few actually can deliver on this promise, which is why Graham Horner, Scott Dunn’s Chief Marketing Officer, emphasized just how valuable a platform-based solution like Qubit are, to help them uncover insights that matter in order to execute winning data-driven personalizations.

“It's really important that we work with people and experts that actually can show us the importance of data, and can show us the way forward with personalization because it can make an enormous, enormous difference, as we've seen.”
Graham Horner, CMO, Scott Dunn

We sat down with Graham to explore how data-driven insight has underpinned their journey, discuss some of Scott Dunn’s winning personalizations and discover how they are using Qubit’s technology suite to improve their overall customer experience strategy and influence board-level decisions.





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