How Decipher has changed the way Moss Bros use digital analytics

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Many people want access to analytics and are either inhibited by the UI or the technical limitations of the data warehousing capabilities. We created Decipher to solve the challenges that many businesses face with their existing analytical capabilities. This is digital analytics as it should be!
Decipher Digital Analytics

All businesses are inherently different, with widely ranging requirements. We wanted to provide the most flexible and dynamically accessible analytics product available to cater for any customers needs. Qubit collects hundreds of event data points on every single web page for our customers, all of which is combined in the Visitor Cloud to create a unique single customer view. This data is more structured and more granular to cater to even more varied reporting needs.

In our latest video, we look to how one of our customers, Moss Bros, has been using the product for their merchandising reporting, attribution modelling, and cohort analysis.

The merchandising reports have been built around the products that Moss Bros are selling and is now being used within both their buying and merchandizing teams to make decisions. While the cohort analysis reports helps them see the value of their customers throughout their lifetime and then break it down by acquisition source. 

For Matt Grisman, Database Services Manager at Moss Bros, the main appeal of Decipher came in the speed to which these reports are created, "outside of Decipher, it would take us maybe one of two days to create those cohorts and analyse their behaviour" and they are now looking to use "the reports within Decipher to replace our weekly trading pack".

Neil Sansom, Ecommerce Director at Moss Bros, says it best: "It really is providing some valuable feedback to our buying and merchandise teams, not just to the ecommerce team so I see that tool as being a business wide tool that we use going forward."

Watch the video here: 


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