How your brand can boost the mobile shopping experience

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As technology brands become more advanced and continue to evolve, it has not only become an integral part of everyday life, but has also changed the way in which people shop. At the end of 2017, Qubit research showed mobile traffic was double that of computer traffic, but revenue was less than half when comparing both channels - clearly mobile has a lot of ground to make up.

The research includes an analysis of 1.2 billion user journeys and shows how ecommerce companies can gain a competitive advantage with a focus on the mobile web experience.

Also included is a consumer survey of over 4,000 participants from the UK, US, Germany and France, with one of the findings showing that when shopping on mobile, the majority of consumers across all regions prefer to finalize their purchases later on desktop. This will be once they have found a product they like on their mobile device.

France is the only country where people prefer to buy later in-store, and although this is interesting from a cultural perspective, behaviorally, it is similar to purchasing later via desktop.

This survey quashes previous suggestions that payment methods is the barrier to completing a purchase on mobile. Just 33% of consumers cited they would use their phone if it was easier to pay. Nearly half of all consumers surveyed, and 56% in the US, would complete more purchases on mobile if the browsing experience was faster or easier.

So, what is the antidote to boosting the mobile shopping experience? For Qubit, it’s about focusing on product discovery for the small screen, and using AI-powered technology to ensure that every experience is unique.

Using AI-powered personalization, Qubit have found that you can enhance a users mobile shopping experience and enable visitors to view 2.25x more products than today’s status quo.

Download the report to see how you can unlock the mobile web channel for your brand.

[Download report] The growing influence of mobile discovery on ecommerce revenue

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