A study of mobile's halo effect using 1.2Bn ecommerce journeys

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We recently analyzed a sample of 1.2 billion online shopping journeys and ran a consumer survey with over 4,000 participants to answer the question: When it comes to online sales, why does mobile consistently underperform?

Though the blame has often been placed on the bottom of the funnel - namely the check-out process - we found that most (67%) consumers don’t see payment methods as the biggest barrier. The challenge arises much earlier in the shopping journey.

Learn more in our newest report 'The growing influence of mobile discovery on ecommerce revenue'. We’ll identify the key differences between mobile and desktop customer journeys, and reveal why product discovery is essential for increasing mobile conversion rates.

And if you want to skim through the key findings first - take a look at our infographic below.

[Download report] The growing influence of mobile discovery on ecommerce revenue


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