The first of its kind: introducing Opentag Library SDK

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Despite the fact that tag management was born out of an increasing need for a more flexible marketing tracking capability, the process of managing and making changes can be a tedious one. That’s why we developed Opentag - an efficient tag management system used by some of the most sophisticated ecommerce platforms out there.

Ever in the search for a more helpful system for our customers, we saw a new way of making tag management that one step more agile. So after some hard graft this end, we are proud to have launched Opentag Library SDK (Software Developer Kit).

Essentially, what we want to do is to empower tag providers to submit their tags to the Opentag Library, enabling them to make their own changes and updates. This is the first of its kind. There are no other tag providers with open libraries where external parties can send their tags to and manage it themselves.

Watch the video below to hear Emre Baran, our CTO and co-founder here at Qubit, talk you through how to use Opentag SDK Library:


So, in practice, what does this mean?

To make this process as smooth as possible, end users will get notifications when a vendor has updated a tag. Updating to the latest version of a tag couldn’t be simpler. End users only need to click “commit” when they get an update notification. 

Equally, if there is a requirement for a new version of a tag, end users will get a notification asking them to archive the existing tag and re-implement from the latest version in the library.

To understand more about our new Opentag Library SDK, why not check out our FAQs? For the full documentation see here

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