From reality star to beauty mogul, how Kylie Cosmetics has become an ecommerce trailblazer

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Ecommerce is experiencing some major shifts, as evidenced by a new crop of brands that are breaking the traditional retail mold. These trailblazers are more connected to their customers across every channel because they involve them directly in the making and launch of their products. Kylie Cosmetics, by Kylie Jenner, is one such brand that has achieved remarkable success after being in business for just over a year.

We teamed up recently with One Rockwell to discuss the ascent of Kylie Cosmetics to the forefront of the beauty industry and revealed key trends utilized by the lip kit founder that other retailers can use to create a better customer experience, without having millions of followers.

You can watch the webinar now for all of our recommendations, or read below for a quick recap!


Three key factors that contribute to the lip kit buzz


From the first release, Kylie Jenner’s lip kits have consistently sold out in minutes. Why? The sense of urgency visitors feel when they get to the site. Limited quantities of the lip kits and specific release times urge visitors to get their hands on a product before time runs out.

While releasing limited edition sets isn’t an option for every retailer, there are other ways to inspire urgency in your visitors. Qubit recommends using low stock counters as a quick win to increase conversions.

Paul Healion, co-founder and VP of Technology at One Rockwell also gave some tips on how to attack urgency from a tech perspective. The key is to consistently review your fulfillment practices to make last minute deliveries possible and potentially invest in integrations that can get the most up to date inventory data to your site.


Want a lip kit but don’t know when it will be available? You’ll have to purchase the Kylie Jenner app, or go to Jenner’s social media pages and follow her. Retailers can replicate this action without having millions of followers. By giving visitors exclusive offers and rewards for an email address, as an example, you can mimic the give and take of Kylie Cosmetic’s exclusive releases.

Our partner One Rockwell also noted the importance of skincare and beauty companies promoting exclusive bundling based on a user’s personal skin routine. Personalized bundles and auto replenishment orders make the online beauty buying experience more similar to an exclusive beauty counter experience.

Social Proof

Breaking the internet like Kylie Jenner might never happen for retailers, but there are some social media best practices to emulate, like investing in influencers, user generated content, and trending products.

Heather Nigro, lead strategist at One Rockwell, suggests investing in a two-way dialogue with your communities and using that product feedback to drive your strategy.

For even more tips, watch the webinar above.

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