Look ahead to 2016 and take heed to avoid a bruising year: 10 customer experience predictions you can't afford to miss

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If focusing on improving customer experience is on your mind as a key strategic aim in 2016, then you'll want to spend some time with our top 10 customer experience (CX) predictions. Few businesses have yet managed to build or even identify the perfect CX roadmap. Our customers will not continue to forgive us for much longer if we don't hit upon the winning formula soon.

The next 12 months will be crucial. Any business that is still talking about CX and not acting upon it by this time next year will not need to be told that they are facing a significant challenge. They'll have the bruises to prove it.

Here, Qubit founder and CMO Ian McCaig lays out what he sees as some of the milestone moments coming in 2016; everything from the emergence of a dynamic and empowered new c-suite to predictive analytics actually becoming predictive.

Businesses are going to realize the folly of trying to compete with Amazon. The smart ones are going to focus back in on themselves to perfect the art and science of continuous optimization to evolve a tailored experience with every new engagement on the part of each customer.

Data will be at the heart of everything we do - and that means our creative departments too. If you're not doing data-driven marketing, you're really not doing marketing. To that end you'll be bringing your data scientists out of their darkened basements and into the center of your operations where they can wield the influence they merit.

It's going to be a big year. Potentially a great year. Let's be ready for it.


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