Meet Chi Igboaka. Head of Performance Marketing. Data Hero.

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There are data heroes across all industries today who are crusading for better big data understanding in their organizations and beyond. These individuals are looking to the future and already anticipating the changes they need to make to give their organizations a competitive edge moving forward.

The TruthAboutData campaign is here to celebrate them.

Our CEO, Graham Cooke, expanded on the mission in a recent Huffington Post article:

“We're looking to help give marketers access to a fuller understanding of the data in their organizations and open their eyes to the sort of marketing that is possible.”

We recognize that you can’t really be a good marketer without understanding how to do data. This is a skillset that is largely underdeveloped in many cases, and we want to change that with the TruthAboutData initiative.

Our latest data hero is Chi Igboaka, Head of Performance Marketing at Travelex. Chi has already made waves by breaking down data silos and rallying the business around the importance of understanding the customer journey. In her interview, she talks about the need to get the right people and technology in place to initiate the shift in mindset, processes and priorities necessary to compete against fintech disruption. 

Are you a data hero, or do you know someone who is? Get involved by nominating a data hero today! 

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