Meet our European #TechTalent — Part One

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At Qubit’s London HQ almost 30% of our employees are non-British EU nationals. They play key roles across all of our teams, supporting our growth as a business and enriching our community at the same time. They are also adding their talent and skills to London’s thriving tech scene. We have decided to throw the spotlight on the #TechTalent stories that brought these talented digital individuals to Qubit and their take on the UK’s place at the heart of the emerging digital economy.

Giovanni_Luperti_Engineering_square-1.pngGiovanni’s #TechTalent story:

Giovanni is our UX lead and has been with Qubit since September last year. Since starting working in London, he has enjoyed the competition between startups in the city, driven by the amount of skilled digital individuals drawn here from across Europe.

“I studied in Milan for three years and got into tech on my own, coding in my spare time. Rapidly, I realized that London was the best place I could be. It has been amazing to go from a small Italian village, where you have very local opportunities, to Milan where you can work in projects that reach across Italy, to London where you’re really having a global impact. The tech scene is competitive and challenging, and that motivates me. The best talent in Europe is here and I think that is one of the key motivations for all the international investment you’re seeing in technology here.”

David_Reischer-1.jpgDavid’s #TechTalent story:

David is a Client Services Engineer, originally from Austria who joined Qubit in November 2014. After an exchange semester in Manchester, David came to London for the challenges it’s tech scene could provide and because his girlfriend was here.

“For people looking for a young tech industry, London is probably the best place to be in Europe and the chance to start in these young companies means you can grow with them.

Membership of the EU supports London’s place in the digital economy bringing together diverse viewpoints, and even from doing my masters degree here, I have learned about different cultures and viewpoints, and used them to develop as a person.”

Anna_Zawilska.jpegAnna’s #TechTalent story:

Anna joined Qubit in September 2015 and works as an Associate Product Manager. Her parents migrated from Poland to South Africa, and their international approach has given her an appreciation for the opportunities you get with being able to move around.

“I actually think people moving around to study and work reinforces and enriches cultures and their views, and that is so valuable in being able to mix and blend attitudes and approaches. I am a great believer in diversity in general, and I think having the ability to draw in skilled Europeans enriches the work force and produces better ideas. Working in technology, you see how globalized the world is becoming and how we are cutting across boundaries.

Elise_Klik.pngElise’s #TechTalent story:

Originally from the Netherlands, Elise came to the UK four and a half years ago to study and get a different take on Europe. She came to London for work because of the thriving tech scene and because it offered a more multicultural society to immerse herself in.

“London is the Silicon Valley of Europe. The startups here are drawing in the best talent from all over the EU giving different viewpoints and opinions that are a real advantage in the workplace. We all have different ways of doing things and different ways of understanding things, and bringing them altogether means you get the best of both worlds. I would say I’m Dutch and quite direct, but through working here I have the perfect blend of that Dutch directness and English charm. This freedom to go and study anywhere in the EU is really enriching and means we can all contribute to different nations.”

We’ll be bringing you more of our #TechTalent stories all this week and would love to read yours. Make sure to share your pictures on social media and get involved using the hashtag #TechTalent.

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