Meet our European #TechTalent — Part Two

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The ability to access Europe’s best talent easily has played a key role in helping Qubit become one of the 50 fastest-growing business in the UK. These skilled digital individuals come from across the European Union to join London’s thriving tech scene, contribute to our business and enrich our community. This week we’re looking at their #TechTalent stories: how they came to Qubit and their thoughts on London as a leading city in the European digital economy.

aleks_forehead.jpgAleks’s #TechTalent story

Aleks joined Qubit in September 2014 and works as a Customer Success Manager. She first came to England when she was 16 and went on to study at Exeter and UCL before joining Qubit.

“Coming to the UK to study and work I saw more opportunities for myself. My friends in Poland see London as the tech hub in Europe and everything is built around it. Working in London has opened so many doors for my career and through the EU more young people can have that same opportunity to gain skills and enrich us all.”

pieter.jpgPieter's #TechTalent story

Pieter is originally from Belgium and joined Qubit earlier this year. After working in the US, he came to London seeking an international experience that was also closer to home. London offered the best of both worlds.

“London’s technology scene is a great place to be, drawing in people from all over the EU who offer a healthy mix of opinions that give the city unique atmosphere in Europe. You don’t need a visa to come here, and I think having these vibrant startups means the best talent is coming here.”

Ludwik.jpgLudwik's #TechTalent story

Ludwik came to the UK with his parents when he was 10 from Poland. After studying mathematics, he moved into technology and having always lived in London saw the startup scene develop here.

“Besides its place as a finance hub, London is bringing together people from across the EU with different approaches to help it grow. You get the best aspects from all the nationalities here, informing problem-solving and working to drive rapid growth.”

mark_oldenburg_qubit.jpgMark's #TechTalent story

Mark always wanted to experience different cultures and after studying at international school in his native Frankfurt moved to Milan for his bachelor’s degree and then on to Barcelona to do his masters. He’s been working with Qubit as a Project Manager since January.

“I’ve seen the benefits of being surrounded by people from different countries. It broadens your horizon for looking at the world and enables you to take different aspects, from different people, and build your own path as a person. Every country has its own way of thinking, Germans are more precise, Italians live more in the moment, and you can take elements like those to make working a richer experience.”

Polly_Stoyanova.jpgPolly's #TechTalent story

Polly is originally from Bulgaria and joined Qubit as a Client Services Engineer in September 2015. She always wanted to study in another European country and chose the UK for the opportunities she could see to develop her talent and make a difference. 

“My passion lies with technology and I think London offers a vast amount of opportunities to be what you want to be and expand your knowledge and experience. There’s such a variety of ideas here that you don’t get from a single culture or kind of thinking. Everyone brings different experiences from their own countries and having those insights to take forward only benefits companies.” 

We'll be bringing you more #TechTalent stories tomorrow. 

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