Meet our European #TechTalent — Part Three

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Tomorrow the UK goes to the polls in the EU referendum. This week we’ve been bringing you the stories of our EU #TechTalent who have come here to study and work, and contribute not only to Qubit, but also the UK itself. Their skills and talent are helping power the emerging UK tech economy and at Qubit we want to celebrate just how valuable they are.

ernie_1_720.jpgErnest’s #TechTalent story

Ernest joined Qubit three years ago and works as a Product Manager. Growing up in London, he went on to study in Montreal, then returned to London, seeing more opportunities here to start work after his studies.

"Were it not for EU freedom of movement, I wouldn't have half of my team! These international backgrounds are key to helping us grow - they make us more relevant in new markets and help foster creativity through cultural diversity and breadth of experience. If you look at successful startups in London, having access to European talent is a huge contributing factor."

Maxime.jpegMaxime’s #TechTalent story

Maxime left Brussels a few months ago looking to grow professionally and joined Qubit this month as a Client Services Engineer.

“In Belgium it’s difficult to find companies which aren’t afraid to use new technology! That’s one of the reasons that pushed me to go to London - it is the best place for #TechTalent in Europe. Everything is possible here. You can learn and share your knowledge with so many people who have similar skills, but a different culture.”  

Lucy’s #TechTalent storyLucinda.jpeg

Lucy is originally from Berlin, and after studying for a masters and working in New York, decided to try something new in London. She joined Qubit in September 2015 and works as an Executive Strategist.

“The openness of London for tech talent is great. In the States it is harder to get a visa and work there, despite the great companies, which is why most have offices in London too. The UK is way ahead on ecommerce and it feels like top notch products and technologies come from London. Regardless of nationality, as long as you have the shared values you can come here and create success.”

richard_gianetti.jpegRichard’s #TechTalent story

Richard works as Global Product Marketing Manager and came to London after working in San Francisco. Growing up in Spain, studying at French schools and then studying for three years in Milan, has meant he has always felt part of an international community.

“All the best practices in Europe come from London, it is where all the brilliant minds are. The mentality here is to give a chance to everyone and London’s success as a tech city is totally down to EU membership and bringing in skilled EU nationals. You get enriched from all this information. The more you learn, the more you can pass on and it is a viral loop.”

Nico.pngNicolas’s #TechTalent story

Although born in Belgium, Nicolas grew up in south-east France. He wanted to go abroad to open his mind, and after studying in Shanghai, returned to Paris, and then came to London. He joined Qubit this year as a Product Marketing Manager.

“London feels like San Francisco in Europe. When you look at Europe, there are so many beautiful startups in every country, every country has its unicorn, and when you even look at debates in Silicon Valley they all want to make sure the US government is opening borders for more European tech talent. The fact we already have this talent in the UK is a huge benefit to the tech scene here.”  

marj.jpegMarjolein’s #TechTalent story

Marjolein came to London from the Netherlands to do her masters. She sees the advantages of London’s metropolitan feel both professionally and personally, as it helps her be even more open-minded, and helps to solve and tackle more problems.

“I have always liked London as a vibrant city. It is really international and you always feel included, and never like a foreigner. One of the reasons London is a digital leader is because people can come and participate in the tech scene so easily. You can attract the right people, find the people you need and having people from all these different nationalities is really helping shape London’s success.”

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