Moss Bros: combining data sets for a single view of the customer

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"Customers just want to shop at any time and in any place... They don't care if it’s on a mobile, tablet, whatever. They want the same experience across all channels and that’s very important to us as a business." - Neil Sansom, Ecommerce Director at Moss Bros Group PLC


With a long tradition in men's formal tailoring, Moss Bros has been around for over 150 years. They have come a long way since their days at their first Covent Garden store. In 2014 they saw 7% of the group's revenue coming from their ecommerce platform, while mobile sales counted for about 10% of all online sales.

Moss Bros have been customers of Qubit since 2013 and use the suite of applications to personalize, optimize, and analyze their online presence. Qubit allows them to segment their customer base - deep diving into segments based on lifetime value or frequency of purchase - and then target these segments with sophisticated personalizations (an easy job thanks to the WYSIWYG editing feature of Deliver) that appeals specifically to them.

In this video, Neil describes some of the really interesting stuff they're doing as a result of the integration of the Qubit API into their own CRM system. For example, taking the browser behavior and matching it to their customer conversion records (either in store or online) has allowed them to create one cohesive view of their customer - something they're calling the 'golden record'. This has opened the doors to some really exciting personalizations. By looking at purchase history, browsing behavior and other instore interaction, Moss Bros can create segments of users based on their preferred size - those looking for slim fit suits may never be bothered by offers for regular or tailored again.

As Neil says: "As a business, we have to stop thinking in silos. We have to start joining up the customer journey and customer functions so that customers benefit.I think different theories exist today on how to do that but we see Qubit’s technology as a real enabler."

Watch the video here:


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