A non-stop journey: how businesses can evolve their digital experience delivery ahead of rising customer expectations

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Whether you know it or not, as a business you’re currently somewhere on the journey to delivering better customer experiences, along with every other company in the market.

Some companies are way out ahead of you, others are only now starting out on the road towards better experiences.

Some, those that have refused to acknowledge the crucial need to focus on customer experience, have fallen behind and are out of the race altogether. The journey all businesses are on has no end in sight. For now it just keeps evolving.

The best businesses, the ones that seem to be miles ahead, recognized long ago that we’re in an era where their customers are always judging them; that their expectations will never be satisfied. Instead expectations will keep rising and customers will find new ways to become more demanding. These organizations understand that to enjoy sustained success, they have to continuously up their game and remain relevant.

Customers are seeking out superlative customer experience and brands must evolve to deliver it.

Today marks the launch of our biggest release ever, one that will empower businesses to shape sophisticated experiences and defy tomorrow’s expectations.

This launch is a powerful upgrade of our platform that extends our capability to help build experiences around their customer data, rather than around the technology they have.

We’re introducing the Visitor Cloud data exchange because we’ve learned that great experiences start with great data. The Visitor Cloud data exchange puts your customer-centric data front and center.

Having a truly responsive elastic view of the customer means bringing disparate data together from across your organization. We have 10 billion data points a day streaming in across our system and we’ve taken strides to harmonize all of that data, whether that be on websites or mobile devices, through the preferences from your visitors via short surveys or the data from your off-site and offline sources.

Driving hyper relevant personalized customer experiences requires you to have this immense depth of knowledge about your customers. But that can’t be the goal.

You then need to put that data to work for you and your business.

Our new Adaptive targeting technology enables you to create multifaceted and real time active cohorts.

These segments are live representations of what your visitors are doing at any given moment. They evolve with every web event, every change in a visitor’s observed behavior or stated preference and enable experiences to advance with changing customer priorities.

Our new feature Live tap enables you to further enrich your customer insights by connecting your existing business intelligence and analytics systems into our platform. You can use Live tap to directly access and analyze key customer insights, creating a virtuous cycle of learning and optimizations. Once passed to your analytics and data science teams, you can then feed the resultant data back into the Visitor Cloud to enable super-advanced, more meaningful interactions.

The last stage in the journey toward superlative customer experience is the ability to actually operationalize your data and insights at the speed necessary to keep pace with customers advancing expectations. Our experience management platform and solutions are there to sustain this. Mixing a powerful platform with pre-built solutions will help you craft the exceptional experiences that will leave your customers craving more and see you race ahead of your competitors.

This journey will be relentless. There is no time for rest stops. Driving better experiences means having the right tools to not only understand the customer but respond to them. Delivering an intuitive experience that is always relevant to a customer’s immediate circumstances requires a technology that will not leave you stranded somewhere between data collection and action.

It is the difference between understanding that a visitor likes running shoes and knowing that your visitor runs marathons multiple times a year and their prefered brand is Nike. This is the level of understanding and personal treatment your customers expect.

We’re delighted to announce this release which we believe will super-charge your infrastructure and help you keep pace with advancing customer expectations, both today and tomorrow.  

The journey that you’re on to deliver the superlative customer experiences that will define your success, just got a whole lot easier.

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