On the road with continuous optimization: San Francisco

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Last week, Qubit’s breakfast series came to San Francisco. Attendees arrived bright and early at the Hotel Zetta in the city’s bustling SoMa district. Over a hearty breakfast, Qubit’s Simon Dean warmed up the crowd with an insightful update on Qubit and Forrester’s joint work on continuously optimized ecommerce--also known as continuous optimization. With a seasoned blend of engaging metaphors and real-world examples, Simon explained how a strategic group of people, processes and technologies can help deliver optimal customer experiences in real time.

Following Simon, Rafael Burde, director of ecommerce at PAX Labs, shared his experiences working with Qubit over the past several months, and explained how his team was able to quickly go from 0 to 60 in testing and optimization using Qubit’s platform. One particular test, devised by the Qubit strategy team, provided geo-targeted offers of free shipping on the latest iteration of their flagship product, the PAX 2. The company was particularly interested in driving sales around an April 20 holiday. With help from Qubit strategists, PAX Labs was able to intelligently identify and deploy a targeted offer in select US cities on April 20.


The event ended with Qubit’s Damayanti (Dama) Dipayana, a veteran senior strategist. Dama brought Simon’s conceptual overview of continuous optimization to life with best practices and test examples from clients such as Calypso St. Barth and TopShop, drawing on her extensive experience working with top brands such as Bebe, French Connection and Farfetch.

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