Retail Travel eGaming

What retail and travel can learn from personalization during the World Cup

Insight from the latest Customer Meetup which focussed on Personalization for Peaks.

Aura Mobile Web Personalization

Mobile shopping tips from Instagram

The fourth blog of the series exploring why mobile shopping UX hasn’t taken a step back to ...

Travel Web Personalization

Travel brands v the future: Three key takeaways from a roundtable with experts

Digital leaders in the travel industry recently came together for a roundtable to address what ...

Aura Machine Learning Mobile

Set up for product success: Designing Qubit Aura's interface

The second blog in the series about the business facing interface of Qubit Aura.

Machine Learning Mobile

Unleash the true power of AI on your mobile site

This blog shines light on the shortcomings of typical mobile commerce sites in in the context ...

Travel Web Personalization Best practice

How travel websites can differentiate themselves through personalization

Five ways to increase your brands conversion in the travel industry through the use of ...

Product Design Customer experience

Designing products for multiple users: How we built Qubit Aura's business ...

Insight from one of our Product Designers about how Qubit Aura has been designed to be as ...

Machine Learning Aura

Qubit machine learning: An interview with Bud Goswami

A video interview with Qubit's Lead Data scientist to discuss who Qubit is and what we do.


Qubit Summer event: The Secret Garden Party

Find out what the team got up to at the Qubit Summer event, hosted last week, in a secret ...

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