Overcoming industry challenges in fashion ecommerce with personalization

During London Fashion Week, we demonstrate the industry-specific obstacles faced by fashion ...

Product updates

Qubit's 2018 data wrap-up

As our focus turns to the opportunities of 2019, we take a look back at 2018's successes in ...

Customer experience

NRF 2019: Improving the customer experience at the heart of innovation

After Retail's Big Show in January, we discuss the key takeaways surrounding innovation aimed ...


Qubit Winter Conference 2019: Oxford

From 29th - 31st January 2019, Qubit held its annual winter conference in Oxford to discuss ...


Boost your winter sales with personalization

This is how you can utilize personalization to give your profits a boost during seasonal sales.

Web Personalization Developer

Developer tools for personalization

In a Medium blog, Oliver Woodings looks at the tools Qubit has available which enable ...

Web Personalization Developer

Making personalization part of your continuous integration process

In his Medium blog, Alex Olivier looks at how Qubit brings personalization into your ...

Web Personalization Thought Leadership

Using personalization to deliver customer loyalty

In this blog, originally published in RetailTouchPoints, Emre Baran looks at how brands can use ...

Web Personalization Customer experience Machine Learning

What ecommerce can learn from Netflix

In this video, Qubit CEO Graham Cooke takes some time out to talk about customer context, ...

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