Research eGaming

What gaming can learn from two billion retail and travel digital customer ...

We recently released some research that explored 29 common treatments seen in ecommerce ...


Exploring 'What works in ecommerce' with Drill to Detail podcast

Drill to Detail Podcast interviews Qubit Data Scientists about their latest research, What ...

Web Personalization Product updates Mobile

A supernatural discovery process: building our new product for mobile

In this blog, Qubit Product Director, Simon Jaffery discusses the hypothesis and idea behind ...


Deduplicating streaming data at scale

How Qubit face sone of the challenges of handling large scale data from multiple sources: ...


What works in ecommerce: here comes the science

A couple of weeks ago we released some research that explored 29 common treatments seen in ...

Retail Travel Research Best practice eGaming

What works in ecommerce? The key findings from 2 billion user journeys

What works in ecommerce? Here are the key findings from our analysis of 2 billion user ...

Thought Leadership Product Design

Design simplicity: from complex data to cutting-edge tech

Qubit's head of UX gives a glimpse into how we approach product design in the digital analytics ...


EGR crowns Qubit Acquisition & Retention Partner of the year

Qubit wins Acquisition and Retention partner of the year at the EGR B2B Awards

Retail Web Personalization Thought Leadership

Preparing for the inevitable: Personalization

The time is now web personalization. Here's how to get started.

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